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Keep your cash and credit lines for those unexpected times! You can preserve your cash and credit lines, and also bolster your businesses financial appearance with no personal credit reporting.

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Some of our leasing programs offer tax savings and a way to write off. Some of our types of leases offer significant tax savings and may offer a way for you to write off all of your monthly lease payments.

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we take pride in our customer relationships. Using ADIA for your Equipment Finance needs will give your company the upper hand in helping your business grow.

With over 34 years of combined equipment leasing experience Adia Capital will provide its clients with the best service, options and support possible. Our goal is to better serve and support those who were looking to secure equipment for their businesses.
Adia Capital is a focused and positive company that has the experience needed to help business owners and startup businesses with not only better finance options, but also with insight and strategy to help take advantage of current business finance trends.
Adia Capital offers a complete range of financing options to meet your company’s needs. Adia Capital will work with you to determine the best possible financing solutions for your business. Consider us your finance partners to help your business grow.

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All 100% Equipment Financing

You may be able to finance 100% of your equipment cost. Leasing equipment to run your business is a smart decision to keep access to cash while building credit. Please consult your Adia Capital representative for more information about obtaining 100% financing. Call us today at 1-866-757-0244 and we will assist


no or little up front cost

With most of our Leasing and Loan Products there is very little to no upfront coat. There are times when money down or payments could be due upfront. Theses times are usually due to less than average credit. Please consult your Adia Capital representative for more information to see what your potential upfront coat would be.


flexible payment options

Adia Capital has several different payment options to help your business acquire the equipment it needs now. Our programs includes No Money down Program, Payments deferred Program, and our Seasonal Payment Program. Adia Capital has a payment options to better serve your business needs.

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In the last couple of years different equipments has become more known and the technology has reached a broader approach to production of business products and services within architecture, construction, industrial, automotive, aerospace, military, engineering, medical, fashion, education, art, and others. It is crucial to your business to know all the options available to your industry.

  • Embroidery
  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printers
  • Laser Cutters
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Quilting Machines
  • Commercial Sewing Machines
  • Sublimation Equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Medical Equipment
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