Why Adia Capital?

Helping Businesses Succeed

Access to experts in today’s business financing and equipment options for your business.

Our Business Starts With You

After several years working in all aspects of the Equipment Financing Industry the owners of Adia Capital formed a new finance company in 2008 to better serve and support those companies and people who were looking to secure equipment for their businesses. Adia Capital is a focused and positive company that has the experience needed to help business owners and startup businesses with not only better finance options, but also with insight and strategy to help take advantage of current business finance trends as well as navigate possible pot holes that could be of concern. We want to be your finance partner.

Why Choose Us?

Adia Capital has over 34 years of experience and has established several different payment options to help your business acquire the equipment it needs now with the payment option to better serve your business needs. We want to be your finance partner so your business can grow.

We Help You Get Approved

It’s fast and easy to apply today! Please contact an Adia Capital representative to inquire about our Financing and Loan Programs. You may also feel free to fill our online application here.

You Save Your Cash and Credit Line

Keep your cash and credit lines for those times when you don’t know you will need them! On most of our finance plans there will be no personal credit reporting helping your business keep your available credit.

Many Financing Options

Adia Capital offers a complete range of financing options to meet your company’s needs. Adia Capital will work with you to determine the best possible financing solutions for your business.

Benefits of Financing

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits are structured based on your business’s needs.

True Tax Lease – Monthly payments may be deductible during the life of the lease.

Section 179 – 100% of the equipment may be deductible in the year that it’s acquired.

Conserve Your Cash

Keep your cash for other needs in your business.

Low monthly payments mean more cash flow and flexibility for your business.

Easy to budget exactly what your monthly equipment expenses are.

Flexible Financing Options

Custom terms available to meet your individual needs.

FMV, $1 and 10% purchase option leases or EFA’s available.

Often payments don’t begin until equipment is received.

Financing for both start-ups and existing businesses.

 Programs for less than stellar credit available.

 90-day approvals.

Easy Equipment Upgrades

Protect against obsolete technology with easy upgrades.

Allows you to acquire new, larger or higher-end equipment.

Equipment can be purchased or returned at the end of the lease.

Upgrade without having to pay off current lease and start all over.

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