Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Average Lease Terms?

Lease terms range from 12 to 60 months with the most common being 36 to 60 months.


Yes, over 99% of Adia Capital’s lease clients choose lease to own plans.

Does Leasing require a significant down payment?

No, in most cases our lease programs require little to no down payment. Most of Adia Capitals programs Supply 100% financing.

What are the tax ADVANTAGES to LEASING?

One of the most appealing reasons businesses lease new equipment is that the IRS does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase, it is considered a tax deductible expense.  You can also take advantage of Section 179. Please consult your Adis Capital representative on how to accelerate your depreciation schedule.

how does leasing affect my cash flow?

Leasing has a positive impact on cash flow because you’re not paying for the equipment in one lump sum. By setting up a lease plan that best serves your business you can conserve cash allowing you to use that cash for growing your business.

can i add to my current lease or add equipment on a new lease?

Yes, you can be approved even faster once you are a client of Adia Capital. This will allow you to quickly react to new business opportunities.

Benefits of Leasing

Tax Benefits

• Tax benefits are structured based on your business’s needs.

• True Tax Lease – Monthly payments may be deductible during the life of the lease.

• Section 179 – 100% of the equipment may be deductible in the year that it’s acquired.

Conserve Your Cash

• Keep your cash for other needs in your business.

• Low monthly payments mean more cash flow and flexibility for your business.

• Easy to budget exactly what your monthly equipment expenses are.

Flexible Financing Options

• Custom terms available to meet your individual needs.

• FMV, $1 and 10% purchase option leases or EFA’s available

• Often payments don’t begin until equipment is received

• Lease for both start-ups and existing businesses

• Programs for less than stellar credit available

• 90-day approvals.

Easy Equipment Upgrades

• Protect against obsolete technology with easy upgrades.

• Allows you to acquire new, larger or higher-end equipment.

• Equipment can be purchased or returned at the end of the lease.

• Upgrade without having to pay off current lease and start all over.